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Our Services

Assess your Eligibility


Before retaining our Company you will first want to know that you qualify for a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa or for temporary entry to Canada.


For this purpose, we offer you the following Canada immigration services:

Personalized assessment of your qualifications

Simply complete and submit our online eligibility questionnaire. We will promptly review your particular qualifications and
advise you as to your likelihood of Canada immigration success.

Email responses to your inquiries

If you require information about our services or the Canada immigration process, submit an inquiry and we will be pleased to answer your questions.

Telephone discussion with a member of ICCRC

You may speak to us directly about your qualifications or the Canada immigration services we offer.
Call us to get the information you need.


Our responses to your inquiries at this stage (before you retain our Company) are intended for informational purposes only. Such responses do not constitute legal advice, nor do they substitute for legal advice.



Facilitate your Application Process

Once we have determined that you qualify for a Canada Immigration Visa or temporary entry to Canada and you have retained our Canadian Company to assist you in the application process, we will provide you with the following services.

Determine your Canadian immigration category

Some individuals qualify for a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa under more than one Canadian immigration category. If this applies to you, we will explain the pros and cons of each category under consideration and recommend the category best suited to your personal goals.

Prepare, perfect and submit your application

A properly prepared application will always move through the process faster and more efficiently. Often this will result in the avoidance of a personal interview with a Canadian Immigration Visa Officer. We take pride in submitting complete and professional applications that include all of the information and documentation needed to satisfy the Canadian Immigration Visa Officer of your qualifications for the Canada Immigration Visa you desire.

Communicate with your Canadian Immigration Visa Office

Our office will serve as your mailing address for Canadian immigration purposes. We will let you know when any communication is received, and we will respond on your behalf, to all requests and demands from Canadian immigration authorities.

Prepare you for your personal interview

In the event that you are required to attend a personal interview with a Canadian Immigration Visa Officer, we will obtain the Canadian Immigration Visa Office’s written notes concerning your application and will advise you about how to respond to the issues that will be raised during the interview.

Track your application through to Canada Immigration Visa issuance

Canadian Immigration Visa Offices are required to meet service standards, which can vary during the course of your application process. Our proprietary “track-it” system alerts us if ever the Canadian Immigration Visa Office is not meeting its service standards with respect to the processing of your application. We will send immediate notification so that your application is put back on track. This avoids unnecessary delays in the processing of your application.



Canada Immigration Concerns and Solutions

Let Us Ease Your Concerns about the Canadian Immigration Process

Individuals who make the decision to immigrate to a new country, in this case Canada, are by nature courageous. It is normal, under the circumstances, to have concerns about the Canadian immigration process and about life in Canada upon arrival.

The Canadian immigration process can be complex. Our many years of experience advising individuals in the process of immigrating to Canada have given us insight into the concerns you may have and, more importantly, the solutions you seek.

Below are some of the more important Canada immigration concerns raised by our clients. Learn about the solutions we provide for them and that we will provide for you:

Finding Work in Canada

Finding work in Canada will increase your chances of qualifying for a Canada Immigration Visa and will get you to Canada faster. We will give you the tools and resources that will help you to obtain your first Canadian job. Read More

Canada Immigration Application Processing Times

Application processing times can vary depending upon a number of factors. We will provide you with accurate application processing times and assurance that the Canadian Immigration Visa Office is meeting its service standards with respect to the processing of your application for a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa. Read More

Canadian Immigration Process

The Canadian immigration process differs depending upon the category of Canadian immigration applied under and the Canadian Immigration Visa Office to which the application is submitted. We will guide and advise you through the entire Canadian immigration process until your Canada Immigration Visa is issued. Read More

Proving Work Experience

Proving work experience to the satisfaction of a Canadian Immigration Visa Officer can be challenging and problematic. We will see to it that the proper documentation is submitted to ensure that your work experience is recognized by the Canadian Immigration Visa Officer in charge of your application. Read More

Proving English Language Ability – IELTS

Visa officers require that some Canadian immigration applicants take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). IELTS results help visa officers determine whether the applicant has sufficient English language ability for proper integration into Canadian society and the Canadian workforce. We will advise you as to how to prepare. Read More

Canadian Immigration Problems

Throughout the Canadian immigration process, applicants may run into certain problems. We will help guide you through your Canadian immigration problems, should they arise.

Medical Inadmissibility
Criminal Inadmissibility
Application Refusal
Long Delays Read More

If you have any other Canada immigration concerns, issues or questions, not addressed here, we would like to hear from you.

Contact Us with your Canadian immigration concerns



Canadian Immigration Resources

Your centre for Canadian Immigration Resources – Canada Immigration News, Newsletters, Blogs, Forum and Press Releases

Arriving in Canada to live, work or study is but the first step of a new and exciting journey. Everyone who embarks on it is courageous and most will admit to having at least some concerns about what lies ahead. For some, the Canadian immigration process is smooth. For others, the process proves more difficult. Once in Canada, everyone has the same goal – to successfully settle in.

The Canadavisa Immigration Discussion Board is about easing the transition from where you have been to where you are going by enabling you to interact with each other and with experts on issues that you decide are important. By joining, you can participate in discussions about Immigration, Relocation, Community Group Support, and Foreign Student Life in Canada.

Canadian Immigration and Settlement Online Community
Canadian Immigration and Settlement Online Community – LoonLounge.com
LoonLounge is the Canadian immigration and settlement online community. With a growing community base made up of Canadian
immigrants, soon-to-be immigrants, Canadian citizens, and people who are only just thinking about immigration to Canada,
LoonLounge is the place to connect and learn, seeking to improve the Canadian immigration and settlement experience.
LoonLounge: Building Canada together



Ease your Settlement in Canada

We recognize that obtaining a Canada Immigration Visa is only the first steps in your journey to Canada. To help you establish yourself as a Canadian Permanent Resident, we will provide the following services to you.

Help you find a job

Even before you obtain your Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa, you can get yourself a Canadian job. Visit our free Canada Job Search Tool today to view thousands of available Canadian job postings in all areas of the country. As our client, we will contact those employers who express interest in hiring you and explain the relatively simple process of hiring talent from abroad. Not only will finding this Canadian job help you to prepare for your life in Canada, it will also get you to Canada sooner with priority processing at most Canadian Immigration Visa Offices.

Prepare you for your arrival at a Canadian Port of Entry Once you receive your Canada Immigration Visa, you will have to enter Canada within a specified period of time. You will be interviewed by a Canadian Immigration Visa Officer before you are permitted to enter Canada. We will advise you about the documents that you will need to have in your possession. We wil prepare you for your interview at the Canadian port of entry.

Explain your Canadian Residency Obligations You may lose your status as a Canadian Permanent Resident if you do not meet your residency obligations. We will advise you on the different methods of fulfilling your Canadian Residency Obligations.

Advice on your Canadian Citizenship Canadian citizenship is voluntary and you may be eligible for it after three years of Canadian residency. There are many advantages to Canadian citizenship and we provide extensive advice on the Canadian citizenship process.



Immigration Advice

You can speak directly to one of our regulated Canadian immigration practitioner – Raj Narang or Ritu Narang

When you receive Canadian immigration advice from Raj Narang-Member ICCRC you can rely on the fact that he has more than 10 years of experience to guide you in the proper direction.

Call now for a confidential consultation with Raj Narang-Member ICCRC and get immediate answers to all of your Canadian immigration questions.

The Inside fee is USD $50 + Taxes and   International fee is USD $100  for a conversation up to 30 minutes in duration.
Our telephone number is: +1 (416) 740-6969




Most visitors to Canada are granted six months from the date of their arrival, and their passport bears a simple stamp from the Immigration Officer at the Port of Entry. The visitor is then expected to leave on or before the end of the six month period. Sometimes however there are valid reasons to extend your stay, and then you need to get approval to do so. This approval is important, as it allows you to remain with legal status, and leaves your options open for future return visits, or applying for Permanent Residence at some future date.

If you would like our help, we can assess your qualifications for obtaining this temporary visa (or its renewal) at no cost or obligation to you. Kindly fill out the Visitor Visa Class Assessment form here, and we will get back to you shortly with our assessment.


Students come from all over the world to study in Canada, and many stay on to work and live and raise a family after. Whether you wish to attend a short English course, or full time University or College program, we can help you with your initial Study Permit, extensions of an existing Study Permit, or your post-graduate work permit (and application for Permanent Residence too!)

If you would like our help, we can assess your qualifications for obtaining this temporary visa (or its renewal) at no cost or obligation to you. Kindly fill out the Student Class Assessment form, and we will get back to you shortly with our assessment.

Foreign Workers

We can help you in getting the necessary Work Permits, HRSDC authorization or NAFTA Work Permit after you have found an employer who wants to make you a job offer. Those born in the U.S. or Mexico may be exempt from the HRSDC process under NAFTA, and we will assess this when working with you. Please note we do not find jobs for applicants. We assist with all of the Immigration work after the applicant has been in contact with an employer directly. and has been made a job offer.

The Work Permit process is often misunderstood by potential applicants, as they think that a third party can find jobs for foreign nationals and get them Work Permits, or that they can arrive as visitors and automatically ‘upgrade’ to a work permit, and that is not realistic at all.

Canada Immigration does not usually offer open work permits, allowing you (the foreign national) to work anywhere. They are always employer specific, tied to you and one employer who you have approached and that the employer has offered a job that they could not fill with a Canadian candidate. These positions of course by nature must be reasonably technical and highly skilled (in the O, A or B band of the National Classification of Occupations), and you as the candidate having the required education to support the position.

Applicants may only want to work temporarily in Canada, and others who have already applied to Canada Immigration as Skilled Workers, will benefit from the additional points that are often critical to the success of their application. Not every occupation will qualify for a Work Permit, so please feel free to complete the Temporary Work Permit Class Assessment form.



Commissioner Of Oaths for all Immigration Matters.



Work Permit

We are pleased to offer to our corporate clients a full range of immigration services to support your business needs. * NAFTA Work Permits * Temporary Foreign Work Permits * Intercompany transferees: Management, Executives, Specialized Knowledge workers * HRDC Labour Market Opinion confirmation – validation letters to allow you to hire a foreign national * extensions – renewals of Temporary Foreign Worker permits * work and study permits for family members of intercompany transferees We have a very high success rate in obtaining NAFTA Professional Work Permits, and regular Work Permits that require HRDC confirmation letters for our Foreign National clients, and work hard to ensure that all the HRDC requirements are met to obtain a successful Labour Market Opinion letter, having demonstrated that there is a labour market shortage in the area that you are recruiting for. We will be glad to assess your qualifications for corporate immigrating to Canada, at no cost or obligation to you. Kindly fill out the Corporate Class Assessment Form, and we will get back to you shortly with our assessment. All inquiries are confidential.



Live in Caregiver

Contact Our office Phone : 416-740-6969



Change of conditions

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P.R. Card Renewal

Canadian Permanent Residents who wish to travel abroad are required to have a valid Permanent Residence Card to be able to establish their identity at the Port of Entry and to re-enter Canada. The PR Card is valid for a five year period. We can assist you in the process of obtaining your card.

We can prepare the entire application for you, or review your work before submitting to Canada Immigration, and we will advise you of our fees when we respond to your inquiry.




Friendly service, extraordinary success rates, delighted clients Experience you can count on!

Canadian Citizenship is the end of a long journey. After you are approved to come to Canada as a Permanent Resident (landed immigrant) and have lived here for a period of 3 years within the past four years, you may qualify to become a Canadian citizen. Those who have lived in Canada prior to their landing date may qualify for a credit of time, shortening the waiting period.

Once you become a full citizen, you are able to vote, hold office and get jobs that are reserved only for citizens, and travel for long periods of time, with the ability to always be able to come home to Canada. It is well worth your while to apply now, if you qualify.

We have assisted numerous people over the years with both simple and complex Citizenship cases, and are always delighted when our clients complete their journey to full Canadian Citizenship. We are here to help you, and look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to apply. (And just think, you won’t have to reapply for another Permanent Resident Card every five years. that is reward enough for most!)

Case history from CIC



Case history from CIC

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Dual Citizenship

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