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Spousal Sponsorship


Spouses are partners who are married to each other.

Common-law Partners

Common-law partners have lived together continually for at least one year.

Conjugal Partners (Fiancé)

Conjugal partners are partners who are not married, have not yet lived together for one year, and are involved in an intimate and exclusive marriage-like relationship.

We will be glad to assess your qualifications for sponsoring your partner at no cost or obligation to you. Kindly fill out our confidential Family Class (Spousal, Common-law, Conjugal partner) Assessment Form, and we will get back to you promptly. Our clients (the sponsors) live in every part of Canada, and their partners (the applicants) have arrived from literally every country in the world. If you are in our area we will invite you to meet us in our offices, or provide you with all the information you need on how to get us working for you right away.

Around the world or around the block, we’ll help bring your partner home.

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